Kim Smith

I have used the Biedenharn Team several times over the last decade and will absolutely continue to use them for all of my realtor needs in the future.

My first experience was more than 10 years ago when I relocated to Ft. Worth. Kelly came highly recommended and she helped me find my dream house on Eagle Mountain Lake (what I expected to be my retirement home!). It was a very difficult transaction (sellers were going through family issues -one of them really didn’t really want to sell and continuously threw obstacles in our way even AFTER signing the contract). This was not my first home, and I thought I knew what to expect – unfortunately I was stunned at the challenges we faced. It would have been easy for any realtor to walk away, but Kelly knew it was “THE ONE” for me. She remained professional and patient which helped me through the process. If not for Kelly I may have walked away, but because of her dedication, I made it through the VERY lengthy process.

Within a year of finally getting settled in, I was unexpectedly transferred out of state!! There was no way I could buy a home in my new locale and keep the lake house without renting it out. Knowing it was my dream house, Kelly and James helped me lease the home. It is a unique home with its’ own personality and not easily leased, but that didn’t slow them down – they were very creative in their approach which allowed me to keep my dream “retirement” home. I was out of state for several years – and several tenants. Thanks to the Biedenharns, I was able to keep my home.

I was eventually transferred back to TX several years ago, but… Kelly and James had arranged such a good and “long term” lease, that I had to find yet another home. Kelly and James worked with me to understand exactly what I wanted, and despite me returning during a “sellers” market, they had patience (through several disappointments) until I found the house that I live in now, which is another perfect home for me.

So far, they have helped me purchase two homes and found multiple tenants to lease the one that WILL ultimately become my retirement home. At some point, I want to update the home on the lake and will use them as my go-to team for that renovation as well as the listing agent for the house I currently live it.

They make it so easy to navigate what can be a difficult process – I couldn’t recommend anyone else!!

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