Drink Local: A Virtual Brew Tour of Fort Worth

A lot goes into choosing where we want to live. Of course, there are the major, inevitable factors like job relocation, affordability, and school systems. It’s pretty hard not to take things like that into consideration when buying a home. But, those aren’t the only considerations one has to make when deciding where to move themselves or their families. You don’t spend your life just working and sleeping. You want to enjoy yourself too. You want to be able to have a night on the town with friends. It’s also important for a place to have its own “scene” and culture to enjoy. That’s why when looking for Fort Worth homes, you want to know what this growing area has to offer in the way of fun.


If you’re not familiar with the dynamic food and drink scene in Fort Worth, it’s time for a crash course. Texas has emerged as a major player in the microbrew beer scene. There’s even an advocacy group dedicated to the state. Fort Worth and the surrounding area is home to some of the great names in American microbrewing. If you enjoy high-quality craft beer, Fort Worth is the place to be. So, if you’re interested in learning more about Fort Worth and are thinking about moving, join us on this virtual tour of the breweries that call Fort Worth home.


Martin House Brewing Company


Martin House Brewing Company was one of the early names on the scene. They are recognized as the second brewery to pop up in Fort Worth and help kick off the North Texas microbrew renaissance. They are a couple of months away from celebrating their fourth anniversary and have long surpassed their initial line of four core beers. The beers coming out of this creative brewery are well regarded and, though quite different from one another, are all great tasting examples of their category. Be sure to stay tuned for any fourth-anniversary festivities that might be coming up soon.


The Collective Brewing Project


The Collective Brewing Project is an interesting take on the whole beer production business. This brewery developed from the idea that community is everything and should be fostered. That’s why they have designed the space as both a production brewery and a unique taproom that encourages visitors to come back as often as possible. If you hold an American Homebrewers Association card, you receive 10% off when you come in for drinks. If you took your bike to the taproom (and show it off) that’s another 10% discount. If you like creative brews, good conversation, and a welcoming, communal atmosphere, the Collective Brewing Project is a must visit.


Rahr & Sons Brewing


Martin House Brewing Company is recognized as the second major brewery to arrive in the Fort Worth area, but the original is Rahr & Sons Brewing which at almost 13 years old is the elder statesman of the North Texas microbrew scene. The brewery does tours of the facilities twice a week and they usually sell out so get your spot in advance. Of course, there is a tasting at the end of the tour, as well. If you can’t make it, don’t fret. Rahr & Sons beer is served all over the city both on tap and packaged in stores.


Hop Fusion Ale Works


Continuing on our virtual brew tour of Fort Worth, there is Hop Fusion Ale Works. Again, we have a brewery that’s taking some creative chances with its space. This time, we have a combination brewery, taproom, and art gallery. The gallery spotlights art created by local artists and they act as conversation pieces while you sample what Hop Fusion Ale Works has to offer. Try unique brews such as Hairpin, Steampipe, and Feisty Blonde.


 Chimera Brewing Company


Finally, we reach the final stop on our virtual tour, which is Chimera Brewing Company. Though the brewery is just shy of its two year anniversary, it’s already made quite the splash in the North Texas microbrew scene. The mythological unicorn is a big part of their branding and you’ll find it across their website and décor. Chimera positions itself as a bar pub, taking pride in both their brews and traditional Italian pizza. Their kitchen and bar serve a variety of beers on tap all year round and even do something called “guest brews” which are temporary “residences” by beers from other companies on their draft lists.




Are you ready to head downtown and start your brewery tour for real? Visit Fort Worth and see all that the area has to offer. Once you get to know what the area has to offer for fun and entertainment, you’ll never want to leave. If you’re ready to start your search for the perfect home in Fort Worth, contact the Biedenharn team today.

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