Learn More About the Neighborhoods of Fort Worth

It’s no secret that real estate in Fort Worth is in high demand. The state of Texas in general is in a boom period compared to the rest of the country. North Texas in particular is projected to experience unprecedented growth over the next couple of decades. And what city in North Texas takes the number one spot for population and economic growth? Why, it’s Forth Worth of course! Projections show the expected population of Fort Worth to grow to 1.5 million people by 2040. That’s an increase of almost 84%. Since Fort Worth is set to outpace such cities as Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin, it’s important to get in on the ground floor and experience what so many others already are. If you’re looking to put down roots in Fort Worth, it’s important that you get to know some of the neighborhoods that are particularly popular right now.


Arlington Heights


Arlington Heights was named Fort Worth’s “Neighborhood of the Year” in 2007, though that doesn’t mean the neighborhood peaked that year. It’s still definitely an attractive neighborhood for families looking to relocate to Fort Worth. Some of the reasons why the neighborhood remains popular include Arlington Heights High School and Central Market. Arlington Heights High School has been one of the top rated public high schools in the city throughout its history, attracting students from private schools. Central Market is one of the biggest food markets in the area. It offers a gourmet experience for families looking to enjoy prepared meals as well as high quality foods to cook at home. If having a foodie paradise nearby is a must for you, Central Market is the place to live near.




Do you like the idea of living in a neighborhood that feels like a place out of time? Do you prefer a classic slice of Americana? If so, Fairmount might be the neighborhood for you. Fairmount is known for being both charming and a curiosity thanks to its architecture. It’s the largest historic neighborhood in the region. Many of the homes in the neighborhood date back to the late 1800s and were designed in a bungalow or Craftsman style. Fairmount is definitely in a renaissance period with more bars and restaurants appearing all the time. You’ll also be near the downtown area for all your entertainment needs and the hospital district. The neighborhood’s revitalization efforts have made it an attractive place for prospective homeowners. If you’ve ever wanted to live in a historical home, Fairmount is the place to be.


Meadows West


Meadows West and River Park are two adjacent neighborhoods experiencing a period of booming development both residential and retail wise. Much of the development is happening along the Trinity River. At the heart of the development is Waterside which features the first Whole Foods in Fort Worth, hotels, and restaurants. The homes in the area are great for families of all sizes and new construction is consistently underway. If you’re looking for an experience that brings the suburban lifestyle to the urban when you desire, Meadows West could be the neighborhood for you and your family.



Mira Vista


Mira Vista is definitely one of the more high end areas in the city. It’s a bit further out from midtown so you may want to consider the commute. However, you’ll have plenty of space to call your own. Luckily, development is under way to alleviate some of the distance felt when commuting to and from Mira Vista to center city or downtown. Parkway expansions have cut the commute down to around 20 minutes so getting into the city proper for work and getting back to your quiet living space is painless.




The neighborhood surrounding Texas Christian University could be a place for prospective homebuyers who are interested in making an investment and also living near some hustle and bustle. Due to investments in the campus, the surrounding neighborhood is under an intense beautification process. More than $430 million has been invested in developing the area. Nearly a million dollars allotted to just flowers tells the story. If you’re interested in a home in a rapidly developing neighborhood, check out the area surrounding the TCU campus.


That’s only five of the neighborhoods soon-to-be residents of Fort Worth are looking to find a home in. The great thing about Fort Worth is there is still so much more to discover and it’s changing all the time. Now is an exciting time in Texas thanks to metro areas expanding, a bustling economy, and a thriving real estate market. If you haven’t been in the area recently, plan a visit. With things changing so quickly, you’ll want to start speaking with a real estate agent as soon as possible to see what kind of home would suit you best. Visit the five neighborhoods profiled here and find out what matches your family’s needs. You’ll almost certainly be looking to call the Fort Worth area home.

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