Top 10 Must Visit Restaurants in Fort Worth


When you’re looking to move to a new area there are many things to consider. Sure, there are the usual concerns like property values, taxes, the school system, and all of that. But it’s just as important to think about the culture of the area. Where will you be spending a lot of your down time? What will you and your family do for enjoyment? There are many fun things to do in the Fort Worth area, but today we are going to focus on something nearly everyone can agree they enjoy: trying new restaurants. Not only is it more convenient than cooking every night, but it’s a great way to get to know an area. The soul of a community’s culture can be found in its food.


If you’re wondering if Fort Worth is the place you want to call home (or just visit!) then this list of the top 10 must visit restaurants in Fort Worth is for you. Just a note: this list is in no particular order. You should try them all if you can!




Did we mention you’re probably going to put on a few pounds if you see this tour through? Bentley’s brings American comfort food into the hip 2010s. All of the staples from your childhood are here with an interesting modern twist. Enjoy creative hot dog variations with toppings consisting of pulled pork, pico de gallo, and sauces that the staff of Bentley’s have come up with.


FunkyTown Donuts


Now that you’re loaded up on gourmet hot dogs, let us turn our eyes (and stomachs) towards dessert. This hot spot is proudly owned by the Moors family who make everything they serve from scratch. Some of the interesting twists on traditional desserts include blackberry lemon donuts and chocolate potato chip. If you have special health needs or preferences, they happily serve Vegan and gluten-free options on certain days during the week.


Taco Heads


You knew a taco joint was going to appear at least once on this list. In fact, they could easily dominate the whole thing. Fort Worth, and really Texas in general, is known for being the hotbed of delicious Tex-Mex cuisine. The marriage of traditional American food and Mexican food creates the region’s unique culture. If you’re looking for creative taco toppings, fresh salsa, and homemade tortillas, Taco Heads is the place to be.


Pizza Snob


Pizza isn’t just for New Yorkers (How you doin’?). Fort Worth has some mean pizza, too. Drop into Pizza Snob when the craving for a couple slices hits. Experience unorthodox, but delicious, toppings such as goat cheese with rosemary, caramelized pineapple, and candied jalapenos.


Grain & Dairy


If you haven’t noticed yet, all of these eateries have something in common: they are mighty hearty. Grain & Dairy is no different. If you enjoy decadent American staples, come on in. This is the place to satisfy your grilled cheese cravings. Enjoy an endless combination of different breads, cheeses, meats, and toppings. Literally every kind of grilled cheese you could ever want is served here. Check it out.


Rodeo Goat


Shout out to Rodeo Goat for having a pretty cool name. But if that’s all they had, they wouldn’t be on this list. Like other entries on this list, they get here for their creativity. This is the place to go for some absolutely crazy burgers. Typical toppings like bacon and caramelized onions are available, sure. But how does whiskey cheddar, blueberry compote, or grilled peaches sound? Exactly.




Breakfast is the most important meal of the day so it is represented on this list as well. Coffee connoisseurs will feel right at home here thanks to the strong, flavorful brews. American comfort food staples including oatmeal, chicken & waffles, and grits are served. Of particular note are the biscuits served with IPA beer gravy. Yum.


Kin Kin Urban Thai


For the vegetarians amongst you, this is a great spot. Even if you are a meat eater, this is a great place to enjoy some creative Thai cuisine. Chive and mushroom dumplings, chili glazed Brussel sprouts, and noodle dishes make up the bulk of why people keep this place packed.


44 Bootlegger


Here is a location for the discerning drinkers. Yes, the place lives up to its name. 44 Bootlegger serves (you guessed it) 44 different kinds of wine and 44 different kinds of craft beer. The décor is like a time machine to the bars of old, complete with deer heads on the wall. If you love your American microbrews, check out 44 Bootlegger.


Meat U Anywhere Barbeque


You knew there had to be a BBQ joint on here. If you love your meats smoky and flavorful, this is a great spot. Enjoy slow smoked brisket, pulled pork, a huge variety of sausages, and more. You can even enjoy prime rib and peppered tenderloin on the weekends. And if you’re an early bird, grab the breakfast barbecue tacos.


Check out any of these restaurants and you’ll be looking for Fort Worth homes in no time. Definitely plan on an extended stay!

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