Why Fort Worth is One of the Best Kept Secrets of the South

If you read any kind of real estate news in the 2000s, you probably noticed quite a few trend pieces discussing how more and more Americans were moving South and West. That seemed to slow down during the depths of the post-2007 recession, but has recently picked right back up again. The so-called “Snow Belt to Sun Belt migration” is a real phenomenon driven by a desire to live in more enjoyable climates and an increase in wealth. Texas in particular has seen a tremendous uptick in new residents with some projecting that population growth is so strong the state might see another three representatives added to the US House. From 2014-2015, nearly half a million people moved into the state. So what’s bringing everyone down to Texas? Sure, the state leads the nation in job and economic growth, but money isn’t everything.


It’s the entire culture that’s helping bring families to areas like Fort Worth. Those looking for Fort Worth homes are seeking to put down some roots no matter where they are in their lives. Whether it’s retirement or the start of a career, more people are discovering why Fort Worth is still one of the best kept secrets of the South. Big brother Dallas might get a lot of the press, but anyone from Fort Worth can tell you (and they will certainly want to tell you) why they love it more. Wondering what’s so great about the area? Here are some of the reasons why people love calling Fort Worth home:


The Food

Tex Mex Food

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A location’s food is an integral part of its culture and identity. Sure, your typical major city might have cuisines from all over the world. But is it ever as good as eating that food in the place where it originated? When you’re in Fort Worth you are guaranteed to have two cuisines that you will absolutely love: Tex Mex and barbeque. There are other states that will lay claim to being King of BBQ, but Fort Worth natives know how good theirs is. While other states may argue about barbeque dominance, no one else does Tex Mex better. The meeting of Mexican and American traditional cooking has led to the delicious fusion cuisine that others have tried hard to imitate but can’t quite get right. Are you craving a side of guacamole with your enchiladas verdes yet?


Additionally, Fort Worth loves to bring the heat. And that’s not a reference to the temperature outside. Pendery’s World of Chiles & Spices has been in business since 1870. Basically, they carry any kind of chilies you could possibly want. Not only that, but they also sell their own specialty sauces and seasonings so you can add some local flair to your homemade dishes.


As slow or lively as you’d like

Fort Worth Skyline

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Raise your hand if you enjoy traffic. Now, to say Fort Worth doesn’t have traffic wouldn’t be true. There are times when it’s relatively smaller transportation routes can get jammed during rush hour. But unlike in Dallas, you’re not contending with crazy interlocking highway interchanges and accidents that back up traffic for miles. Things move at a bit of a brisker pace in Fort Worth so your commute won’t start your day with hair tearing frustration.


If you’re into nightlife, Fort Worth has a thriving downtown scene that has only continued to grow with time. Not only that, but it’s pretty cost effective. A night out won’t break the bank and the population density isn’t so oppressive that you’ll be paying entrance fees just to get crushed in a club. There’s also plenty of variety downtown. There are clubs, gourmet restaurants, and high end stores alongside the horse drawn wagons and longhorn steers you might come across in the street.


There’s a major event for everyone


Image via Rodeo-fortworth.com


No matter what you’re into, there’s something to attend in Fort Worth. The Main Street FW Arts Festival happens every April and brings in almost a half million visitors. Over 200 artists from all over the world congregate to display their work. Not too far away on the calendar is the Fort Worth Music Fest which brings a diverse array of artists from every genre into town to perform on two stages across two days. If you’re into modern art, the appropriately named “The Modern” has an impressive collection of modern art to view year round. From Picasso to Pollack, there’s something here for everyone.


But, this is Texas. You’ve got some awesome rodeo to check out, too. The Cowtown Coliseum brings in the crowds every Friday and Saturday for the Stockyards Championship Rodeo. You’ll be able to see the best cowboys around do what they do while also taking in some great music. Be sure to catch the variety of shows run in the Coliseum.


Fort Worth has plenty to experience. If you’re thinking about buying a home in Fort Worth, check out all the area has to offer. The options seem endless. You’ll find that you won’t want to leave.

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